ThewordTheBand Blog Why My Guitar Is Cutting Out?

Buying an electric guitar, you want it to function flawlessly for many years, but some components wear out over time. Repairing or replacing electronics isn’t that simple, but you have to understand the nuances of the process to cope with guitar cutting out. I have described the most sensitive elements that are likely to get damaged after intense guitar usage.

Loose Jacks

This is definitely the most frequent problem caused by constant plugging in and unplugging of a cable. Such actions result in loose output jacks, which becomes evident when there appear causing and cracking sounds. Actually, cracking means that a ground wire isn’t attached. To bring things in order, you primarily need to remove a jack plate, take guard and find the disconnected cord. If you know how to use a soldering iron, you can easily attach the damaged wire to its initial place. Otherwise, contact an expert.

Crackling Controls

If you hear a strange, usually cracking noise when your guitar is plugged in, or there are appear signal drops and total cutting out, you are likely to have problems with controls. The main reason for such inconveniences is the penetration of foreign matter (dirt, dust, etc.) into the body of a guitar. You need to be careful even with the tiniest elements because they can cause severe damage to electronic equipment.

If you have detected that volume and tone knobs started to produce such cracking noise, you need to turn them back and forth to make the dust or dirt particles fall out. You may need to repeat these manipulations several times in different knobs positions to make a guitar work as intended.

Man playing guitar

Damaged Pickups

Many musicians think that replacing pickups takes up much time and effort, but in fact, this process is absolutely straightforward. If your guitar starts producing unusual sounds, you may need to perform such alterations. Just remember to get the pickups of the identical size and type as the originals. The whole process boils down to connecting and soldering the wires and then sealing the pickups in the cavities. So, you can do everything yourself.

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