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When you are in the market for a new guitar amp, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you.There are so many variables that go into making this decision – is your style of music heavy or light? Do you need an amp with effects built-in? What size do you want? This blog post will break down four different types of guitar amps and provide information about them so that when someone asks, “what kind of amp should I get?” You’ll have the answer!

Tube amps

These amps are known for their rich sound and tonal flexibility. In addition, they have a warm, pleasing distortion that is perfect for jazz or blues styles of music. This type of guitar amp has been around since the 1930s when they were perfected by electric guitar pioneer Fender. The only downside to tube amps is that the amp needs to be repaired or replaced if the tubes break.

Fender blues junior 3

Popular models

  • The Fender Vibrolux is a great example of this guitar amplifier with its classic look and sound. It has two channels that can be switched between high-gain lead sounds and low-volume clean tones for an incredible range of possibilities.
  • Another great option is the Fender Blues Junior III. This amp has no effects and was built with only one 12-inch speaker, but it does have a tube preamp that helps create that rich sound for guitar players who want to stay true to its roots.
  • The Matchless C-30 also falls into this category of amps because they are known for their classic rock sound.

Tubes amps are often priced higher than other types because they require maintenance or replacement, but their rich sound makes them worth the investment.

Solid-state amps

These amps do not have any tubes inside of them and are powered by transistors. As a result, solid-state amplifiers produce consistent, clean sounds that cut through the mix without being too overpowering for other instruments in the band.

The tube amp is the most popular amplifier among performers, including those who prefer to replicate a distorted tone.

Boss Katana-100 mk-2

Popular models

  • Boss Katana-100 MkII is a popular solid-state amp because it is versatile and affordable. It has three channels that can be used for different styles of music, including one with an acoustic guitar setting, perfect for performers who want to incorporate both electric and acoustic guitars into their setlist.
  • The Marshall MG50FX is a solid-state amp with 50 watts and four modes (clean, crunch, lead, metal). This allows the player to customize their sound for different types of music.
  • Fender’s Champ 20 has two 12 inch speakers in it that are perfect for players who need a solid amp at a reasonable price.

Solid-state amps are often cheaper than tube amplifiers because they require less maintenance and have fewer parts that can break down. They also produce clear, clean sounds for playing in bands or other situations where you want to be heard but not overpower the mix.

Hybrid amps

A hybrid amplifier is a combination of solid-state and tube technology. They are typically more affordable than pure tube amps, but they also have the flexibility that tubes offer, so it comes down to personal preference which one you choose!

Marshall's MG30FX

Popular models

  • The Fender Mustang I V.2 model mentioned before has two settings: clean or lead – perfect for when you want to switch between the two.
  • Marshall’s MG30FX is a hybrid amp with 30 watts of power and three modes: clean, crunch, lead.
  • The Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III has 40 watts of output, making it perfect for playing at home or in smaller venues with an audience. It also gives you six different modes to choose from clean, crunch, lead, metal.

Hybrid amps are usually priced lower than tube amplifiers. Still, they also have other benefits like the ability to switch between modes and produce cleaner sounds compared with a solid-state amp.

Digital-modeling amps

Digital-modeling amps are perfect for guitarists who want to experiment with different sounds and effects without the need to plug in a cable. These amplifiers use technology that can create realistic simulations of classic amp models by running through the software on their computer or laptop.

Fender Mustang GT 40

Popular models

  • Fender Mustang GT 40 is a digital amp with 40 watts of power and 11 different models, including Acoustic, Classic Rock Lead, Clean Plus Tweed.
  • Line Six Spider IV 15 has five modes that can be accessed at the touch of a button on its LCD screen: clean, crunch, lead, metal, and insane.
  • Marshall CODE-100 has 100 watts of power and 24 sound effects including Marshall Vintage, British Rock Lead.

The only downside is that these amplifiers use technology which makes them more expensive than traditional amps.

What type of guitar amps to choose for a beginner?

A beginner guitarist who is just starting will want to start with a tube amp. The tubes are more sensitive and produce the sound that many artists, including Jimi Hendrix, prefer for their tone. Solid-state amps are also good options because they provide consistent sounds without being too overpowering in loud environments like clubs or bars.

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