ThewordTheBand Blog How does a wireless guitar system work?

Choosing the best wireless guitar system is no easy task, especially if you have a vague idea of what aspects to pay attention to. I have studied a topic in detail to help you understand what a wireless guitar system is and how it works.


A wireless guitar is actually an electronic device that relies on a wireless connection as a replacement for standard cables. So, you don’t need to use wires to connect a guitar to an amplifier. This way, a signal produced by a guitar is automatically transmitted without using a physical connection. Similar to other musical equipment, wireless guitars come in different types and with varied price tags.

A typical device usually consists of 2 major parts – a transmitter and a receiver. The kit also includes a charge or adapter for powering needs. Some guitars are rechargeable.

Working Process

Almost all wireless guitar systems work in an identical way. There is a transmitter that is connected to a guitar and is responsible for sending a signal which appears when you play the instrument. A receiver connected to an amp catches this signal and inserts it into the amp/pedal chain. The procedure is very straightforward.

Wireless guitar system


When such wireless guitar systems first appeared, people felt uncertain about their reliability. In fact, there were some crucial problems right after their appearance, which is OK for every new technology. Some devices cut out, while others picked up radio transmissions. However, these defects were professionally fixed, so nowadays, you won’t suffer from such inconveniences even if you buy a low-priced device.

Modern guitars don’t mess up with different frequencies simply because they are optimized to work at a specific frequency. The cutting-out troubles appear rarely, and if you buy a premium quality system, you won’t face this problem at all. Many experienced musicians use wireless guitars, thus ensuring they are reliable products that can serve for several years.

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